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Hello! My name is Jeremiah Nyman

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My passion is understanding how people think and why they make the decisions that they do.

I have had the luxury of working with many professionals with many unique backgrounds. From Human Factors Psychologists to young entrepreneurs; to professional video game players to the professionals in television media, I have met some incredible minds.

What they all shared was the drive for success, and what each had different was their perceived pathway to success. The challenge for these groups was understanding perspectives beyond their own and using that information to reach their goals.

Part of my job is to design websites, and the other part is to understand who the user is and deliver the a pleasant experience for them.

Below are the websites that I have created, along with the design decisions that were made and lessons learned. Additionally, I've included several projects and articles that I have contributed to which show the diversity of thoughts and skills that I have acquired over the years.

Wichita State University

Wichita State University Campus

Wichita, KS

2009 - 2012

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology

Specializing in Human Factors

Other Education

Butler Community College - 2006-2009

Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts

Wichita Northeast Magnet - 2000 - 2004

High School Diploma



Freelance UX Design and Researcher

Bellevue WA, & Wichita, KS

Spring 2013 - Present

  • I help small businesses identify their online needs and bring their website up to a modern, mobile-friendly standard.
  • I've built personalized websites for individuals and refined their business and marketing focus to be efficient with the resources willing to be expended.
  • I aided small businesses in their content and marketing strategy to align with the ideals of their target markets, as well as allow inclusion for new .

Digital Content Creator

General Media - KSN 3

Wichita, KS -

Jun 2014 - Apr 2015

  • We generated online content for local and national television news stations that generated an average of 3.5 million views per month.
  • I aided in transitioning the website from a separate mobile platform and a non-responsive website to a unified fully responsive website.
  • I contributed ideas and philosophy to improve the quality of articles by incorporating media and other complimentary elements to create a rich experience for our featured stories.

Game and Communication Analyst

compLexity Gaming

Jan 2014 - May 2014

  • I provided the statistical analysis of opponents and players to help identify weaknesses in opponents as well as weaknesses in our own team dynamic.
  • We refined out way of communicating under pressure to reduce the amount of "clutter language" in order to focus on objectives as a team.
  • I worked with young adults to improve their mental fortitude, provided feedback to improve performance, and encouraged critical thinking for finding solutions to complex decision making.

Content Director

C5 Network

Oct 2014 - May 2014

  • I managed a team of 8 writers to create League of Legends strategic articles and content for the public.
  • I created and maintained the website's most successful category - Tier Lists, which generated over 50% of the monthly views for our website.

UX Consultant

Headshots Bar and Grill

Wichita, KS -

Mar 2013 - Aug 2013

  • I aided in the design decisions to create Kansas's first video game themed bar.
  • I advocated for an ergonomic approach for the arrangement of furniture to offer the most comfortable setting for our patrons.

Undergradute Research Assistant (Intern)

Wichita State University - Human Factors Lab

Wichita, KS -

Feb 2011 - Dec 2012

  • I worked as a recruitment specialist for finding a specific audience for a doctoral research experiment based on video games and attention.
  • I participated in several usability studies and attending weekly meetings to discuss current Human Factors topics.
  • I performed my own research experiments and assisted in the data analysis of several colleauge's experiments.

User Research Abilities

  • Usability Testing
  • Survey Design
  • Personas and Scenarios
  • Interviews
  • Technical Writing

Coding Proficiencies

  • HTML & CSS
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap & Foundation
  • Advanced CSS: Sass, Compass, Flexbox
  • Basic Javascript, JQuery, and AngularJS

Research & Analytic Programs

  • MS Excel
  • SPSS
  • Survey Monkey
  • Google Forms
  • Google Analytics

Graphic Design and Code Programs

  • Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Affinity Designer
  • Adobe Premire Pro
  • GitHub

Here are awesome projects that I've worked on

Support Carry Zilean Code Image

Full Websites

Want to see some websites in action? These are the websites that I've designed and are currently live.

KSN Content Combo Image

Content Strategy

These are featured news articles that the KSN news crew and I have created to add more depth to your typical news story.

Design Insights Workdesk Photo

Design Insights

Every great work starts with a idea and a plan. These are insights that I've learned from these projects.

Did I mention I do research?

Video Games and Attention

Video Game research has been a hot topic over the last 10 years. One lab in Wichita State University decided to discover if there was a link to the improvement of cognitive abilities through the training of specialized video games.

For the adults who have been playing video games most of their lives to the casual person who only plays phone app games once in a while, there are skills that train your brain.

eSports Analytics

Normal games last anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour, but the game can be lost in a matter of seconds if a team does not execute a plan properly. Having an analyst improves the overall knowledge of the team and increases the chances that a team will win, and ultimately end up playing in the million dollar matches.

Here are my strategies that helped elevate a professional team to the Top 10 in North America.

Wichita State Social Media Analysis

Wichita State had an interesting problem: how were they going to harness the power of social media? For a college that wanted to double-down on technology and be known as an innovation campus, this was the make-or-break point for an emerging social media initiative.

This is how I helped guide the Wichita State Social Media staff towards becoming social media savants.

Here are what nice people have to say about me

Kevin White headshot

Kevin White

“Jeremiah has a creative eye in designing the look of websites. While at KSNW, he made our stories shine by adding a unique look with different elements. He is incredibly friendly and a diligent worker.”

Anthony Johnson headshot

Anthony Johnson

Freelance Photographer

"I have known Jeremiah for a number of years and over that time he has displayed the ability to creatively and effectively solve any task presented to him. Whether it be working with clients or designing a webspace, he is a true master."

James Hook headshot

James Hook

Law Enforcement

"Jeremiah understands people to an astonishing degree. His ability to empathize and understand complex situations is truly incredible. I know very few people who have the mental finesse that Jeremiah possesses."

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